Green Scholars of Alberta was founded in 2011... memory of Rajinder Bhullar - a wife, mother, and grandmother - who lost her battle to a cancer which was likely caused as a result of improper use of field pesticides and poor environmental conditions in her native country of India. This organization was created with the primary goal of raising environmental awareness and encouraging responsible citizenship within our society. We feel that if each person makes a small effort to be more environmentally conscious, it can add up and make a large difference. For us, it all started with one small tree planting ceremony, and has continued to grow through several grassroots initiatives. Since starting, we have broadened our scope of activities to include women and children empowerment initiatives, as we continue to search for ways to inspire change.

Our mission

Promoting environmentally healthy behavior and planting the seed of change in the general population. We are taking steps towards creating a more sustainable future through planning local events and initiatives which engage the youth and overall community, empower them with the tools they need, and inspire them to make a difference in their neighborhood.

past projects

  • Weekly environmental tips
  • Columns in community newspapers (Mill Woods Mosaic and Asian Tribune)
  • Elementary school presentations
  • Graunke Park trail maintenance
  • Community engagement BBQs
  • Community clean up
  • Women's Empowerment Day
  • Annual Summer Camp